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Sun, Sep. 12th, 2004, 02:27 pm

it feels like summer's over
in my soul. The way
the air is cold at night
and when I wake

and how
I do not dream of you
or what I will be when I'm old

or even what I'll try to be
this year

Sat, May. 15th, 2004, 01:39 pm

It's mid-May here at the apartment, a week after the last final exams. There are leaves on the trees. When did this happen? The air smells good and it makes everything feel different. There is a tree out front that made lots of pink flowers and has now dropped half of them onto the ground; the grass is covered. Some of the petals are on the floor of the living room, and some are in the car. If they had dropped a week ago, no one in this apartment would have remembered what they look like in bloom. Instead, it's the biggest news around.

I've been spending time at a used bookstore I found in my neighborhood called The River's Edge. It's an old two-story house that has been filled with bookshelves. It's my favorite hangout, because I love that sort of thing, and because there's a nice woman who works there (who's pretty ;). The other day, I bought a Learning Unix handbook by O'Reilly Press for my roommate, and Edwin Abbot's Flatland for the physics undergrads, for under $5 ! The store is looking for help, and I'm thinking of applying to work Saturdays, since I'd probably spend my Saturdays there anyway.

Yesterday I went to this soda store nearby, where they make the soda themselves. I bought a case of 24 bottles for $7 (plus a $4 deposit which is refunded to us when we return the bottles). The store is a small warehouse of crates of soda in old scuffed bottles. I tried to get one of every flavor, but there are still maybe 10 that I was not able to bring home. Some of them are bright red or yellow or green, in mostly colorless clear glass bottles, so it was fun just to carry the 24 different shades around with me. Drinking them and collecting the empty bottles feels a little like watching the flowers fall off of our tree . I can't wait until we finish them so I can get more.

Fri, Aug. 1st, 2003, 04:55 pm
First entry

This is Keith, on break from my job at The Fiber Optics Manufacturing Research Lab at UConn. My brother Jon and I are working here this summer, setting up computing equipment and software. Also, I'm working on a research project involving a new approach to software modeling of radiation heat transfer.
These past two weeks, we've been building a 324GB NFS server on the lab's computing cluster. We just got it working yesterday. We're doing software RAID-5 through the Linux kernel, using IDE drives, which works out to a really cheap good-performance system. Jon was really happy when he first got his hands on the hardware, especially the motherboard, which he describes as "an overclocker's dream".

Jon and I are living in an Apartment in Windham -- near the Frog Bridge, if you're familiar with the area. We spend about 40 hours a week at the lab, and much of the rest of our time playing DanceDanceRevolution. We're going to be living with this guy soon, too, who is a DDR junkie, as are the two other people who will be moving in when the semester starts (Jon will be going back to his hometown for High School). So this place is going to shake.